Our Courses

There are multiple courses at Scholarly to suit the busy students and parents.

  1. Scholarly Online Masterclass

The Scholarly Online Masterclass is available in 6 month and 1 year options. This is most popular with our distance students or for parents who are unable to send children to in-person classes. It includes a full LMS (learning management system) which is responsible for delivering weekly video lessons (in Reading and Writing) and access to a test database of over 10,000 questions (drip-fed at 150-200 questions/week). Students are able to submit writing for our tutors to mark with comprehensive feedback.

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2. Scholarly In-person Weekly English/Writing Classes

In-person classes are held throughout the week and weekends at St Leonards. Lessons run for 2.5 hours, covering a short mock-exam, followed by in-depth tutorial class covering all analysis. These students have access to the Online Masterclass portal and all questions on our database. For serious students wanting to gain entrance to top Selective Schools or Scholarships. Classes are based in our St Leonards Campus (right opposite the station and 10 min from Chatswood)

For more details regarding weekly classes (New Saturday Class filling up quick)

3. Scholarly Holiday Course

Scholarly Holiday Course is offered to students who wish to fast-track an entire term’s learning in two weeks. This is perfect for students who are unable to make the weekly lessons, or students already participating in the online masterclass. Ex-students of the holiday course have reported dramatic increases in comprehension and writing ability in a short time frame. 10 days of 3.5 hour lessons. These lessons are held at our St Leonards Campus, based in Sydney’s Lower North Shore (10 Min from Chatswood and right opposite the train station)

For more details about the upcoming July Holiday Course (2 spots left)

4. Premium 1 on 1 Specialist Tuition

For students who wish for more private and focused attention. These students must either:

-Pass an entrance examination with high merit and a screening process

-Complete the Scholarly Online Masterclass for fundamental understanding the Scholarly Method

Ex-students of the 1 on 1 programme have been awarded scholarships to top schools such as Sydney Grammar, Abbotsleigh and PLC.