Reading Masterclass

Are you confused by the multitude of different coaching offerings in the market place?

Are you frustrated by your child’s lack of progress?

Are you uncertain of the process by which to improve your child’s reading and writing abilities?

The Scholarly Solution is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Analysis
  2. Familiarisation
  3. Practice
  1. Analysis

The most important, time-tested skill that students must master is analysis. This means the ability to understand what they are reading, break down the literal meaning and decipher any hidden, figurative meanings. With the increasing emphasis on difficult poetry, fiction and non-fiction passages, it is not enough to simply read easy novels or complete simple basic skills books. Students at Scholarly are taught by expert tutors to review and interpret difficult extracts every week, to extract the true meaning of passages.

Example video below:

2. Familiarisation

In addition to analysis, students must be familiar with the different text types that pop up in reading comprehension.


Scientific reports

Social psychology

Geographical studies

Information texts

Old-English prose

Australian Poetry

These texts are all covered in our reading masterclass (which holds 100+ video analysis breakdowns and counting) and in our in-person classes.

Only through familiarisation with all these different text types, students can accustomed to the different nuances and themes, which reappear in these texts.

3. Informed Practice

Lastly, practice is the final piece to the puzzle. From our experience, most kids are inconsistent with their practice… completing exercises from all different types of books… different trial tests… without any specific intention. Scholarly test bank is all-inclusive with over 10,000 questions that are specifically chosen and created to match the 2014-2018 Selective and Scholarship exams. These questions have been specifically graded from moderate to complex, with a wide spread of text types to complement the ever-changing nature of the Selective and Scholarship exams.

Click below for a sample