Holiday Course

Intensive, structured 2-week courses designed to fast-track and accelerate an entire term’s learning into 2 weeks

Perfect for:

Students who can’t find time during the school term and wish to develop a solid grounding for upcoming Selective/Scholarship exams

Structure for full 10 Day Course

45 Q Quiz Every Day- Personally selected questions based upon 2014-2018 Selective/Scholarship Tests

-Writing Piece every day


-7 Most Common Questions Approach Formula

-How to Analyse Poetry (15 Poems)

-5 Most Difficult Non-fiction passages featured in 2014-2018 Selective Tests

(Feature Article, Interview transcript, Information Text, Biography, Scientific Passage)

-How to memorise Vocabulary using cutting edge mnemonic techniques (250 Words)

-Fictional Passage Breakdown (Australian prose, Henry Lawson, Memoirs)


-Time-tested Frameworks for Creative and Persuasive Writing

-Analysis of 10 High-scoring Exemplar/Sample Essays

-4 Go-to Captivating Complications

-How to come up with ideas quickly during Persuasive Writing using SEAD and Stakeholder analysis

-How to read a stimulus to ensure staying On-topic

-Set up a database of general knowledge examples based on Trends (environmental problems, famous events, role models…)

-Personalised feedback Every Day


-Specifically selected GA Questions to complement both verbal and non-verbal reasoning style of recent years

-Vocab accelerator to complement recent emphasis on English

-How to spot Patterns in Diagram

-How to answer Maths Problem-solving questions (eg. involving two variables and basic algebra)