About Us – The Scholarly Difference

What differentiates Scholarly from other Tutoring Colleges?


A team of ex-private scholarship recipients and top Selective School entrants, going on to attend USYD Law and Medical Schools.


Since our inception in 2016, 22 Scholarships and Counting… to Sydney Grammar, Abbotsleigh, PLC, SCEGGS, King’s, Knox, Trinity, Reddam, Ascham…

  • 2019 Sydney Grammar 100% Scholarship
  • Top Selective School Mark of 270 (Awarded to 4 students in 2018)
  • Top OC Mark of 277
  • 35 Successful James Ruse entries

Expanded online distance education beyond NSW to Victoria in 2018, with 2 successful Scholarships already awarded to Camberwell Grammar School and Mentone Girls Grammar.


Formula- The Scholarly Method

Utilising a hybrid approach of an online LMS (portal of over 10,000 questions and video learning) combined with in-person lessons, we are unlimited in our lesson delivery and not capped by physical and timing constraints. Our online lessons have been viewed by over 200+ happy customers.

We are able to harness digital technologies to most efficiently deliver content, so that physical classes are used for clarifying the most complex concepts and an opportunity for students to ask questions.

No expense has been spared to deliver a truly all-in-one educational experience for Reading and Writing.